Liberation – Live This Saturday

We can’t wait to share our newest song ‘Liberation’ with you this Saturday evening.

See you all at The Mansion to hear three great bands play their hearts out on the stage.

Doors @ 9 PM – $5 to support great local music.

Liberation Lyircs Idea 1

All we see is blood anymore
We smell the rain and when it rains it pours
A B C is all that we know
But the name that we’re spelling out is ghost
Its like no one else can see the puppet hands high
Are we blind?
We’re screaming…yeah
Tell me please, what do you want?
With a crooked smile all he said was more
He don’t see the levee break
Ever seen a smile fade faster than a floodgate?
We’re screaming…yeah
Yeah I see you burning bright
Hell’s burning down tonight
Dancing candle light
Oh you got me locked in tight
You’re screaming sure shot sight
and I’m buckled for the ride

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