February 8th – March 5th, 2019

We apologize for the delay, but we’ve been busy! However, we have some great updates for you, these pictures and videos are from our last show at The Toucan on Feb 8.

We had a great show with along with our alter ego band Stereo Nights, as well as our first show with Redwoods and Birch, a great Kingston band that rocked the doors off the place!

We also had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed on local Kingston Alternative Rock radio station 98.9 The Drive by Matthew Bisson for their Made in Kingston local music segment, check out the interview here!


Our Recording session at Hillside Audio in Ottawa back in January was a huge success, and we have our live video of ‘I Want You Bad’ out now! We want to thank the super awesome Cameron Dunn for his hard work making us sound awesome, we hope to work with him again in the near future!

In February we were also featured in Issue 259 of Classic Rock Magazine out of the UK, our debut single ‘Flags High’ was featured on their sampler CD of 14 new and upcoming bands from across the world!

We are looking forward to some great shows to come in the spring, first of note at The Mansion with fellow Kingston Rocker’s Listen Up Kid and Mississauga’s Jailbirds! For more info, check the event page here!


Thank you everyone for your love and support, we again apologize for such a long delay in updating, but it was worth the wait!

We will be back very soon,

  • Kyle & Mike – DoT

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