The Flags are Flying High Again

The flags are flying high again…img_2235

Personally, I wasn’t around to see the cold war as it existed before and to me, that was an amazing thing that I don’t think any of us that didn’t experience that hostile tension and distrust of global powers really appreciated. Seeing these treaties formally crumble before our eyes is a terrifying notion that I really hope does not equate to a resurgence in armament stores.

With all the technological advancements that have been made since the late 80’s, that race would look so different and would impose such a monumental threat to our livelihood. All this when the doomsday clock is so close to midnight already and we recorded the hottest month ever record since records began in the 1800’s. I fear these rising tensions that impose strife upon myself and everyone around me within our communities and lives.

I’m believing in hope towards a new solution but I worry that driving that same old busted ass jalopy of a mindset towards bigger bombs equating to more power is too comfortable, and as a society as a whole, we’re not removed enough from its old familiar rattle and stench of exhaust to tear away from it. I watch with intent and can not urge everyone enough to do the same. If we want a shift in these paradigms, it needs to come from the people that create government. Remember, our democracies of the western world aren’t dead. They may be stagnated but the most important mechanism, our voice, still exists. Say it loud and with conviction and the government will respond in kind because it fears a unified voice ✊🏻🔥

#startyourengines #coldwar #wegotabiggerbomb

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